18 Featured Legal Practice Areas

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Contractual and Commercial Issues.

Conducting Arbitration
Representing Parties
Participating in the Process
Facilitating Conduct of Arbitration

Includes individual, commercial and corporate issues.

Advise on Pre-Application of Bankruptcy
Filing, Representing, & Defending a Case
Participate in the Resolution Process (Corporate)
Resolving Bankruptcy Issues of Individuals

Rights and Remedies Issues

Constitutional Writs
Analysis of Challenge for Presenting Writ
Framing and Presenting Writs/Appeals
Arguing and Contesting Writs
Filing and Contesting in Supreme Courts

Corporate and Commercial Issues

Corporate Issues
Incorporation and Compliances of Companies
Providing Legal and Secretarial Assistance
Managing Legal Actions of a Company (LLP/Firm)
Creating and Scrutiny of Documents of Contracts

Civil and Commercial Cases

Consumer Matters
Analysing Consumer Complaints
Advising Parties to Complaint
Filing Consumer Cases in Forums
Presenting/Defending Consumer Cases in Forums

Includes domestic and non-domestic sexual, verbal, economical, and psychological abuses.  Anonymous on request.

Domestic Abuse and Violence
Analysing Situation and Advise
Mediation and Conciliation
Prosecuting and/or Defending Legal Proceedings

Civil and Criminal Cases

Disciplinary Actions
Analysing Situation and Advise
Counselling and Mediation
Representations and Filing Claims
Applying in Tribunals/ Constitutional Courts

Civil, Criminal, and Social Equity Issues.  

Environmental Issues
Legal Research and Report of Recommendations
Drafting Representations
Civil Recourse for Damages & Compensation
Presenting Writs and Applications

Covers all civil and criminal matters about divorce, alimony, custody of child, adoption, succession, inheritance, guardianship, rights of elders, rights of children and women.

Family Matters
Analysing Issues and Advising
Drafting and Filing
Presenting and Contesting Case

Civil and Criminal Cases

General Disputes
Recovery of Money, Chattel, and Property
Disputes as to Property
IPR, Contracts, and Declaratory Rights
Revenue , Religious & Personal Law Disputes

Personal, Economical, and Social Rights.  

Human Rights
Advising, Research, and Preparing Fact Sheets
Presenting Case in Appropriate Forum
Protecting Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Cases of Atrocities Violating Human Rights.

Civil and Criminal Cases

Intellectual Property
Analysing the needs, attending to Compliances
Filing of Papers
Securing Registration
Presenting Case, Contesting the Process in Court

Civil and Criminal Cases

Juvenile and Social Justice
Advicing and Advocacy
Research, Reports, and Fact Sheets
Aiding, Assisting with Issues
Representing Cause

Civil and Criminal Cases

Labour and Employment
Advising and Assisting presentation of claims
Representing in Special and Constitutional Court

Civil, Immigration, Property, and Matrimonial Rights.  ELH facilitates communications with the appropriate authority of the expats' nations.

OCI Rights Protection
Advice and Legal Awareness
Evaluate Rights for Framing Case
Preparing Representation and Documents
Representing Before Courts and Authorities

Individual and Corporate Issues

Property Issues
Advising on Acquisition and Disposal of Property
Protection of Property
Management of Property
Representing Entities in Legal Processes

All Criminal Issues and Offenses.

Penal Action Issues
Representing Before Investigating Authority
Studying Background, Analysis, & Preparing Brief
Representing Parties in Courts & Tribunals
Framing, Presenting, & Conducting Appeals

Civil Issues

Rent Control Matters
Studying Background and Analysis of Grounds
Framing the Case to Prosecute or Defend
Conducting Trial and Hearing
Preparing and Arguing Appeals & Revisions