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Experience the convenience of accessing your customized briefcase-styled secure portal.  Watch this video clip and discover various toolkits and documents gathered for you.  ELH shall continue to strive to exceed your expectations.

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Key Benefits of MY ELH

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Secure Portal

Share files and documents with ELH and your attorney


Send and receive emails with your attorney and ELH staff

Manage Tasks

Work closely with ELH to schedule and manage tasks


Organize your legal documents as per your need


Store financial summaries, invoices, and receipts.


Receive timely notifications from ELH on case matters

Registering for MY ELH

Step 1

Registered clients and attorneys may request an access to a customized portal

Step 2

Log into your account with the credentials provided to you by ELH.  Create your own password.

Step 3

Use the MY ELH toolkits provided to organize in any way you like.  If you seek help, let ELH know.

Step 4

As and when you receive notifications, alerts, documents, and updates, save it.  

Step 5

Establish communications using the email tool for secure communications with your attorneys or ELH 

Step 6

Manage and maintain all financial transaction records shared by and with ELH.

Ready for MY ELH?

Efficiency and Organization

ELH is willing to and ready for supporting your need to establish a personalized portal of all legal documents and other necessary items in a single location.  ELH is committed to providing options that meet your expectations and needs.  We know that efficiency and organization translate into peace of mind.   ELH deeply values your conveniences.   

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