Yes. As a legal secretarial service provider, ELH helps you in preparing, filing, and processing the legal proceedings.   You need not go through an attorney.

Yes.  ELH has a network of attorneys in varied specializations. We can help you in availing service of the attorney of your choice based on your needs and the range of charges of the attorney.

ELH believes in being efficient and transparent. ELH would respond fairly within 24 -48 business hours. However, if the service availed demands an early response, ELH would consider the needs on a priority basis.

ELH offers varied types of services which depend on the nature of the issue(s) brought to it. The rates quoted for the services would vary accordingly. An estimated service charge quote may be obtained by completing the form on the Documents page. However, ELH believes in establishing a reasonable charge structure for its services. The rates shall vary from service to service, as well as by memberships.  

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure are at the core of the ELH ethical code. ELH assures its clientele that all verbal, written, digital, and other forms of interactions or communications will be strictly confidential. We shall honor all attorney-client privileges.

ELH serves and helps its clientele to effectively and economically seek legal remedies, legal advice, and legal assistance. Laws and legal rules involve many complex procedures. We respect and understand that our clients are busy and looking for the best legal support for their needs. Further, our expertise and experiences will enable us to connect the clients with the most knowledgable attorney(s). As a secretarial service, ELH will help our clients save time, stress, and money.

ELH provides A wide range of legal secretarial services to individuals, businesses, and corporations. The systemic intricacies of the legal proceedings, unpredictable outcomes along with the legal actions determined by the courts, the need to be adequately guided transparently and honestly for providing a competent legal opinion, and helping clients avoid legal traps require trustworthy professional support. ELH is committed to providing complete and unbiased solutions to legal issues faced by its clientele. Our human-centric approach in understanding our clients, guiding their actions to overcome legal challenges, facilitating representation of their cases, and being there with them every step of the process makes ELH a unique secretarial service organization.

Primarily, ELH provides most services online through its website platform. Most of the clientele’s needs can be met and are efficiently accomplished through emails, phone, and SMS. However, ELH encourages in-person contact as and when necessary.

ELH shall maintain and respect complete transparency with its clientele. Our ethical philosophy, respect for clients, and human-centric mission guide us to share any/all information with the clients in an honest and frank manner. We believe in providing all options to the clients so that she/he may make the best decisions.

Yes. All clients must complete a simple registration form once they decide to avail of ELH services. The registration process is required of all clients.  ELH staff will oversee the process the registration and other administrative requirements.