6 Broad Categories of Legal Documents

Drafting for Legal Action

Deed and Documents

Construction Contracts

IPR Contracts

Business Contracts

Corporate Contracts

Drafting for Legal Action
Pleadings: Plaint - Written Statement / Response
Applications / Petitions
Affidavits / Depositions
Appeals (Trial Courts and High Courts)
Revision Petitions / Review Petitions (High Courts)
Special Leave Petitions (Supreme Courts)
Briefs of Cases
Written Arguments
Cross Examination
Company Petitions
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Petitions
Securitisation Applications / Appeals
Debt Recovery Issues
Small Causes & Rent Control Case Pleadings
Accidental Claim Pleadings
Matrimonial Cases
Domestic Violence Cases
Writ Petitions / Writ Appeals
Company Petitions / Appeals
Deed and Documents
Sale Deed / Deed of Sale
Gift Settlement Deed / Deed of Gift Settlement
Settlement Deed
Mortgage Deed / Deed of Mortgage
Lease Deed / Deed of Lease
Release Deed / Deed of Release & Relinquishment
Agreements for Sale / Contract of Sale
Agreement of Sale-Cum-Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney with Possession & Power to Sell
Agreement of Lease-Cum-Sale
Leave and License Deed / Deed of Leave & License
Deed of Disclaimer
Deed of Surrender of Lease
Rectification Deed
Ratification Deed
Will / Codicil
Affidavit / Deposition
Deed of Family Partition
Deed of Partition Among Joint Owners
Deed of Declaration of Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
Construction Contracts
Agreement of Construction
Development Agreement
Development Agreement-Cum-General-Power of Attorney
Supplementary Agreements
Ancillary Agreement
Special Purpose Vehicles
Joint Venture Agreements
Tripartite Agreements (Owners - Developers - Purchasers)
Cancellation Agreements
Labour Contract
Rock Breaking Contract
Security Staff Contract
Moving & Dumping Contract
Electrification Contract
Plumbing and Lining Contract
Painting Contract
Interiors & Designing Contract
Property Management Contract
Facilitation Contract
Legal Services Contract
IPR Contracts
Patent Writing
Content Writing
Agreements for Design / Patent Writing / Content writing
Agreement Relating to Copyrights
Agreement Relating to Trademarks
Agreement Relating to Database
Agreement Relating to Software
Agreement Relating to Website
Agreement Relating to E-business
Agreement Relating to Branding Products and Logos
Business Contracts
Partnership Deed
Retirement Deed
Dissolution Deed
Reconstitution of Partnership
Resolution of Meetings
Notices / Replies
Joint Venture Agreements
Special Purpose Vehicles
Agreement for Transfer of Business
Leasing and Financing Contracts
Corporate and Commercial Contracts
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association
Project Report
Agreement for Amalgamation
Agreement for Mergers
Agreement of Takeovers
Hire Purchase Agreement
Hypothecation Agreement
Agreement of Sale of Goods
Consignment & Forwarding Contract
Joint Venture Contract
Brokerage Contract
Insurance Contract
Investment Contract
Memorandum of Understanding
Franchisee Agreement
Dealership Agreement
Stockist Agreement
Courier Service Agreement
Transportation and Logistics Contract
Warehousing Services Contract
Shipping Contract
Legal Services Contract
Agreement with Attorney/ies
Financial Services Contract
Professional Services Retainership Contract
Employment Contract
Confidentiality Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Service Contract
Event Management Contract
Board Resolution