Consultation and Expertise Specialties

ELH facilitates consultative services on the following topics for individuals or attorneys. Please view our list of 20 consultation topics. ELH shall help you match with the best legal minds from our network.

Consultation and Expertise Topics For Clients For Attorneys
Legal Opinion Yes Yes
Pre-, Pending- and Post-litigation Yes Yes
Matrimonial Yes No
Property Disputes, Contracts and Conveyances Yes Yes
Constitutional and Commercial Issues No Yes
Corporate and Service Issues Yes Yes
Intellectual Property Yes Yes
Succession and Probate Yes Yes
Bankruptcy and Debt Recovery Yes Yes
Revenue and Land Laws Yes Yes
Rent Laws and Taxation Yes Yes
Fraud Investigation Yes Yes
Criminal Offense Yes Yes
Property Management and Administration Yes Yes
Shares, Investments and Insurance Yes Yes
Medical Negligence Yes Yes
Claims, Damages, and Compensation Yes Yes
Information Technology (I.T.) and Cyber Security Yes Yes
Employment Discrimination and Harassment Yes Yes
Sexual Harassment and Sex Crimes Yes Yes

About the consultation we provide

Individual Consultation

Prior to making a decision about filing a litigation, individuals may seek consultation on any of the topics listed above.  If looking for expertise not listed above, please contact us and we shall strive to meet your needs.

Corporate Consultation

ELH is pleased to offer consultation to small-, mid-, or large-sized businesses.  From pre-launching, launching to full-fledged legal issues ELH is prepared to facilitating expert consultation on all legal topics.

Attorney Consultation

For legal professionals and practitioners, we offer customized consultation on numerous topics.  ELH provides guidance to members of legal community from establishing legal practice to strategies on winning litigations.


I have experienced utmost satisfaction with the services being offered by E Law Hub. The extension of facilities of consultation and various types of documentation that is made available makes every need being attended to and provided under one umbrella. These services are much needed.
Mohd. Ilyas Khan
I have found the services offered by E Law Hub, in the realm of legal secretarial and management services very useful; since it takes away all the persuasion and follow-up of technical matters in prosecuting or defending legal proceedings. I have had the best of experience with the much-required services being offered and conducted in a highly efficient and professional manner.
Dr. Renuka Datla
E Law Hub is the most convenient platform to avail the multifarious services in the matters of consultations, drafting and vetting contracts and planning the contest of legal proceedings. A professional service in this field makes doing the job with ease and perfection.
Fortune Group
A Shyam Kapoor Initiative

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