Human-centric focus is the core of our mission

Efficacy Law Hub (ELH), a global company, provides distinctive legal secretarial, office support, and consultative services to clients and attorneys seeking necessary legal support in an efficient, convenient, and timely manner. The fast-paced age of technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence offers better and more robust products that help speed up processes and maximize efficiency. Using online tools to meet the needs of procuring legal documentation saves time and money while ensuring that the clients and members of the legal community receive benefits on time. Further, the online platform will help us reach out to serving clients' needs within and outside India. In short, our clients and peers can receive critical legal documentation and services without leaving their homes. Efficacy Law Hub and this website ( owned by E Law Hub Trust.

Our Mission

The foundation and mantra of ELH are built on the  pillars of PROFESSIONALISM, EFFICIENCY, TRANSPARENCY, CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS,  and EMPATHY.  The success of our credible and distinctive services will be a measure of your satisfaction.

ELH understands the needs of each and every client and forges close and sustained working relationships based on partnership and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. We have built and base our reputation on the wealth of experience of our team and our ability to deliver the best service in the most efficient way. From simple documents to complex petitions, our legal experts and advisers are ready to serve the needs of all clients and all litigation types.  Count on us to seek advice, knowledge and support on all of your legal needs. 

What We Do For Our Clients

Legal Secretarial Services

We provide customized legal office and secretarial services to individuals, businesses, organizations, and institutions

Help Save Time

Fully trained and professional ELH experts will ensure that your legal office support needs are processed efficiently and in time

Peer Support

We are committed to providing legal documentation and other support to fellow attorneys seeking peer support

Legal Resources

We offer space and library resources to attorneys to work on and complete tasks in a secure and quiet environment

Enhance Networking

We promote opportunities for enhanced networking between clients and ELH-network attorneys


Our customized consultancy services and solutions will help in assessing need(s) for pursuing a course of legal action(s)

Why Us?



ELH Global Team



Parvathi is responsible for the day-to-day administrative management of ELH.  She has 15 years of experience in the professional management of a legal firm; she understands the secretarial needs of the clients as well as those of the attorneys.  For all queries about the price quotes and service charges, contact Parvathi. 



Vineeta leads efforts to build and manage external and internal relationships, identify business opportunities, and direct strategic marketing to help the needs of the clients and business growth.  Her professional experiences include building and sustaining individual and corporate client networks.  Vineeta’s portfolio inludes ELH social media marketing and outreach.


administration (usa)

Anshul administers communications, marketing, and logistics in North America. He liaises a working relationship between the US and Canada based clients with the ELH experts in India. From establishing communications to delivery of products, he ensures efficient and timely services to the clients in North America. Anshul is adept in administration and management skills.


content moderator / social media marketing coordinator

Jennifer Ashley Scorziello oversees day-to-day management of ELH operations, marketing, and media in North America. Additionally, she provides customer support and is responsible for sales. Her professional experiences include customer support, retail store management, and social media communications.  From initial queries to product delivery, she shall ensure customer satisfaction.



Sruthi is chief legal service director and manages resources required to meet the needs of the clients, peers, and the attorney network.   From initial review to delivery of the documentations, she will ensure that all legal requirements are in order. She is an attorney with a keen understanding of the legal procedures.   Sruthi guides and coordinates the client-attorney network.


operations and Finance

Gautam Vyapari administers and manages  ELH operations, logistics and oversees human resources.  He is responsible for planning  the day-to-day running of the business.  Further, he collaborates with other team leads to build consensus for business development and growth. He has professional experiences in human resource management and negotiations.  

Meet the Board of Advisors

Mahesh Jagirdar

Senior Software Manager
Pune, India

Mahesh has acquired extensive experience in the software industry for three decades. At present, he works as the Delivery Head at Brictech Software Ltd.  His expertise in the IT field at various levels of management provides him with a keen understanding of the application of technology in the emerging customized service markets. Notably, he is well adept with the customization of digital tools to provide secure online services. 

Padma Kaila

SAP and IT Consultant
Hyderabad, India

Padma is an IT professional with 20+ years of experience in IT Services Delivery. She started her career as an SAP Consultant and worked on SAP implementations and rollout projects with clients from across the globe. She has managed multiple projects for clients in Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. For the last decade, she is working as a Program Manager, managing contracts, and IT Services Delivery for multiple vendors globally. She is an avid traveler and takes a keen interest in history and photography.

Manjari Kaloji

SharePoint Technical Architect Herndon, VA USA

Manjari is a Migration Lead and Technical Architect at Karsun Solutions, LLC, in Herndon, VA. She has led design plans that factor in technology investments and risks while providing value to the company by improving business processes, eliminating unnecessary complexities, designing functional technology solutions, overseeing migration effort and implementation of programs, providing technical leadership, and supporting software development teams.

Dilip Kulkarni

Hyderabad, India

Dilip has over 40 years of experience in marketing and sales.  His career trajectory began as a Medical Representative in Johnson & Johnson.  An Entrepreneur of national reputation, currently he is one of the top executives in the RCM company.  Establishing and sustaining networks is among his strengths.  Dilip has a keen understanding of customer needs and is a motivational speaker.

Achuthanand R A

Hyderabad, India

Achutanand is an accomplished Attorney-at-Law in Hyderabad, India. For 35+ years, he has practiced law in the trial courts and the higher judiciary. He is well respected and regarded for his reputation as a champion of his clients. He has inherited his illustrious father’s advocacy and has continued the legacy for more than 60 years in the family.

Madhavi Tanugula

Senior IT Consultant
Rochester, NY USA

Madhavi is an IT professional serving in the healthcare industry in Rochester, NY.  With nearly three decades of IT consultancy and programming experience, she has mastered the art of strategic use of digital resources to optimize large service sectors.  She has earned a postgraduate degree in Mathematics.  Madhavi owned  and managed a computer education and training school in India

Deepti Upadhayay

Hyderabad, India

Deepti launched a successful online venture ‘Tekopt’ to provide markets to small businesses and manufacturers.  Mostly, these businesses are micro, small, or medium-sized enterprises owned by women.  She has earned a postgraduate degree in management and is passionate about marketing.  She works tirelessly with numerous charitable organisations and helps promote social causes.

Smruti Vyapari

Senior Automation Engineer
San Francisco, CA, USA

Smruti is a Senior Automation Engineer in, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her vast experiences in product management, QA analysis, and automation engineering provides her with a deeper understanding of optimizing services and products for the online eCommerce marketplace. She is quick with finding pragmatic solutions that save time and resources.  She has a keen understanding of the customer needs.

David R. Wistocki

Entrepreneur and Entertainer Tampa, FL

David R. Wistocki is an entertainer and entrepreneur. Following a successful career as a young entertainer from the age of 12, David now contributes to a variety of business and humanitarian projects through his advisory firm ProcessLab and has been recognized for his entrepreneurial work by the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation and the CEO Council of Tampa Bay. David holds degrees in accounting and entrepreneurship from The University of Tampa.