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MY ELH: Open for Registration

ELH provides access to secure and confidential online portal for registered clients and attorneys. The online folder, "MY ELH" comprises all details about your case, case management, schedules, updates, transactions, as well as live notifications. Clients and attorneys may securely access the online portal at their convenience.

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Think of MY ELH as your briefcase of all legal documents customized for you by the ELH Team. This cloud-based secure portal will be available for ELH clients and attorneys. Unique and secure credentials provided to you will allow you to access MY ELH account. Once you log into your account, you shall find legal documents, schedules, appointments, case updates, notifications, invoices, receipts, and more. All uploaded documents will be subject to attorney-client privileges and shall be maintained in strict confidentiality. Contact us to learn more about MY ELH.

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ELH provides supports to clients seeking legal actions and solutions. From selecting an attorney to pursuing litigation in any of the over 12 major categories of legal issues, a client is empowered to receive the best options. Clients who subscribe to ELH services receive discounts and preferred benefits.

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Access to ELH attorneys and our services is open to all clients. Subscribers do receive many benefits.
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ELH Network Attorneys

ELH Network Attorneys are a group of practicing legal experts. While several of the ELH Attorneys are senior attorneys with 25+ years of experience, ELH network is proud to feature several practitioners that are rising stars in the field of legal practice. Network Attorneys offer services through ELH as they continue to pursue their independent practice.

Entrepreneurial Model

ELH Network Attorney Members earn cases and revenue, as the ELH team offers a diversity of paralegal and secretarial support.
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ELH Affiliates Earn Revenue

ELH wants you to be a part of the ELH growth and success. Importantly, your support will be appreciated and rewarded. Existing clients, subscribers, and individuals may support ELH growth by referrals. The ELH affiliate program is designed to reward support through revenue generation opportunities. For terms and conditions of the program, please contact us.

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We value queries and are here to help you respond promptly. Please refer to some of the key questions and responses. For a list of other questions, you may access the FAQ page by clicking the “More FAQs” button or contact us. Send an email to info@elawhub.com, and an ELH expert team member shall respond within 24-hours of the query.

Legal secretarial services are core administrative support services of preparing, processing, and delivering documentation presenting and tracking the progress of cases in the courts.  These services include and are not limited to handling communications, case management, filing paperwork, maintaining records, case database management, scheduling, taking notes at meetings, transcription services, translation services, and other related administrative duties to prepare legal paperwork promptly and efficiently.

To be an ELH client, a subscription is not necessary. However, ELH Subscribers receive numerous benefits, discounts, and incentives that save clients both money and time. 

ELH Network of Attorney is a membership group. ELH provides a platform for earning legal business opportunities to practicing attorneys. ELH invites attorneys to become a Member of the ELH Network of Attorneys. Efficacy law hub is committed to providing the best legal options to clients. Our human-centric mission focuses on supporting clients’ legal needs by helping them connect with attorneys and legal professionals who excel in the field of legal practices. The emerging ELH Network of Attorneys shall comprise individuals who shall respect the highest professional work ethics and standards. 

Yes!  ELH professionals will provide options to select a client, based on their needs.  Clients may also invite their own attorneys to offer the legal support using ELH online platform.

Yes!  ELH encourages clients to consult and discuss their concerns and issues and seek the right advise for pursuing further course of the legal actions.  

ELH experts will work one on one with the registered clients and attorneys in setting up a secure and independent online portal.  Once a unique portal is established, clients or attorneys can log into their portal to access documents, notifications, and other paperwork of interest such as invoices, receipts, case managemnet updates, events, etc.

Yes!  ELH has expatriate client based in North America and the United Kingdom.  A majority of the expatriates seek legal support with property, family disputes, OCI, and  matrimonial matters.  

No.  However, the ELH Network Attorneys receive preferred benefits and services.  Attorneys from across India may earn business revenue by joining ELH Network of Attorneys.  Efficacy Law Hub’s entrepreneurial opportunities are designed for entry-level to senior practicing attorneys in India to join ELH membership.  ELH Network Members earn revenue through case allocations plus save on legal secretarial services offered by ELH.

The best way to learn more about us to contact us.  Please feel free to send us a SMS, send an email to info@elawhub or complete “Contact Us” form.  One of our experts will contact you within 24-hours.  

ELH is committed to serve with dignity and maintain the highest standards of ethics. Our human-centric mission, founded on strong principles, aims at ensuring that every person engaging with the ELH deserves respect and is treated with a sense of humility. We listen to our clients. We strive to understand your needs. Ultimately, we measure our success based on your satisfaction. 

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